Airbnb Categories
Graphic Design, Art Direction
Global OOH launch campaign of Airbnb Categories.

Design Director: Evan Nagan
Creative Director: Edward Vince, Paul Wysocan
Copywriters: Guy Bingley, Laura Sordi, Iain Nevill
Producer: Lucy Neal
Photo Lead: Rachel Lucas-Craig
Art Directors: Yonca Yilmaz, Patric Franz

Branding, Motion Design, Art Direction
Compilation of work at Glossier including branding for the annual grantee programme, summer sale campaign, and evergreen content for paid and organic social.

Art Director: Morgan Brill
Creative Director: Marie Suter
Impact + Comms Manager: Roya Shariat
Editorial Director: Ashley Weatherford

Soho House
Branding, Art Direction, Graphic Design
Compilation of work leading design and art direction on the in-house content team at Soho House. Editorial content, campaigns to promote bookings at the Houses, events, and art direction for holiday packaging.

Creative Director: Blue Bushell
Content Editor: Anish Patel

The nature of this work is confidential.
Please reach out for work samples.

Airbnb Social Campaigns
Graphic Design, Motion Design, Art Direction Assistance 
Evergreen and holiday social campaigns to encourage online experience bookings. Plus, an end-of-year report predicting travel trends for 2021. 

Art Director: Morgan Brill
Creative: Josephine Wai Lin, Zoe Keziah
Illustrator: Jo Minor
Contributing Artists: Sam Youkilis, Jackie Russo Jaquez, Sinna Nasseri

Soho Skin
Graphic Design, Art Direction Assistance
Launch of Soho House’s skincare line designed to simplify routines for those on the go.

Creative Director: Blue Bushell
Producer: Gemma Lucy Albone
Art Director: Shenna Brobbey